I should have cooked after all.


This is what I get for saying
"Smile for the camera!"

Remember when my wife told me she’d get takeout rather than letting me cook for the guests? And I was all paranoid, like “Doesn’t she like my cooking?” and you were all “She’s just trying to make things easier on you!”

Well, she brought home burritos. And spent all day today in major stomach pain. Ach! I’m totally sympathetic and trying to be a good caregiver. I went out for Maalox and rubbed WM’s back during naptime to help her condition, um, pass.

Buy tell me — am I the only parent that thinks when your spouse is sick, “Damn, that means I’m a-gonna be ‘on’ with the kid nonstop for days!

On the plus side, after my body gave out from a day of hiking, playing, cooking, cleaning, and caring for my wife, Boobaby and I discovered some cool dance music on YouTube. Have you guys heard of a band called “The Wiggles”?

You have? You’ve totally been holding out on me.

My exhaustion notwithstanding, I’m happy to report that spring has sproinged here (again), and nothing could spoil that.