Desktop Dookie

I got tagged by the “Ironic Gamer” (who must be a lurker, I’ve never heard of her!) to show you my computer’s desktop. I’m actually kind of proud of it — I’m pretty organized and things go into folders fast.


My Home away from Home.
Which is at my Home.
Clickez-vous avec embiggener.

Predictably, there’s a picture of Boobaby, but (and I’m proud of this, too) I wrote a program (myself!) to make the wallpaper switch every hour — it automatically gets one of Boo’s pictures from my Flickr account. Cool, huh?

I never know who should get the meme passed to them, so I’m just going to go with the last five commenters: RookieMom of ViperMama, Cake of whistling leaf blower, Dawn of Alex Year One, Stephen of regeneration, and Jessica of the Barn Bums: Show me that desktop! If you want to be tagged, too, let me know!