Is it a mom, or is it Robocop? You decide.

Boo and I had the weirdest playground encounter last week — the mom who had to share everything. I mean, I’ll make sure Boobaby shares, but this mom was forcing Boo to take things she didn’t particularly want and putting the fear of God into her own kid in the process.

I wrote it all up at GNM Parents this week:

Two moms were playing with their preschoolers in the sandbox. … Boo picked up a plastic Cinderella cup they’d abandoned and showed it to one of the 4-year olds.

“Frida Kahlo!” she announced, pointing to the picture. (To my daughter, any woman in a dress is Frida Kahlo. I have no idea why.)

The older girl accepted the proffered cup and set it aside, and Boo looked satisfied — clearly, she’d wanted the girl to take the cup. Her mom, though, who was a stranger to me, picked up the cup and handed it back to Boo while mumbling to her daughter, “Lily, you have to share!”

That’s just where it started — it got a lot worse. The lesson, I think, was not to police every single interaction your kid has with another kid — and to avoid weird-ass parents, too.

Here’s a link to the whole post over at GNM Parents.