Why do girls wear pink?

At a kids-only shoe store with tons of selection, I made the unhappy discovery that every single shoe on the toddler girls’ shelf had at least some pink on it. I wrote it up this week over at GNM Parents, where I also blog:

The salesperson looked concerned. “You don’t like pink?” she asked. She eyed Boobaby’s outfit, which, as usual, my two-year old daughter had picked out herself. She was in multicolored striped tights, mint green shorts, and an orange and red flowered dress over a white shirt (that last part being my only contribution to the wardrobe selection). No pink.

She must think I’m one of those horrible anti-fashion stay-at-home dads, I thought, so I rushed to reassure her that no, I didn’t mind a little pink here and there, but… every single shoe?

The experience really opened my eyes to the issues of gender programming in our culture — check out the full article over at GNM Parents.