Something Blue


Marriage inequality is sucky.
It makes me blue.

Here’s my final post in honor of Freedom to Marry week (details here), in which I give you something blue. Oddly, I sort of like photos of Boobaby crying. Maybe that’s because it just doesn’t happen all too often — she’s a pretty happy baby, I guess — and maybe because she’s learned to fake a smile, but the crying pictures retain some authenticity. Beats me.

Just in case you were looking uplift as we head into the weekend, here’s something more weddingly blue for ya:


See, happy baby! In blue!
  Thanks again to <a href="" target="_blank">The Other Mother</a> for starting the Some/Thing carnival for marriage rights equality and to <a href="" target="_blank">Lesbian Dad</a> for telling me about it. You should totally read their (way better than mine) blogs.