She Knows Her Elephant Butt!

Boobaby likes to fall asleep singing. Crazy loud, too — it’s a good thing we don’t have common walls with our neighbors any more. Today at nap time, she sang most of the ABC song in her crib (no, not the Jackson 5 version, although we’re working on that).

The thing is, the last time I checked she was replacing most letters with her favorites — “A” and “elemenoh” –  so it sounded like “A, A, A, A, LMNO, A, A, A! A, A, LMNO, A.”

Today, though, she finished it on her own with only a couple of mistakes and one extra LMNO, for good measure.

Then to top it off she shouted out “Elephant Butt! Elephant Butt!”

I still have marks on my arm from where I bit to keep myself from laughing. (If I engage with her goofiness at nap time, she’ll never fall asleep.)

Gotta love her. Good day.