Playground of Riches

I took Boo over to a well-to-do neighborhood today on an errand to find Working Mom a Valentine’s Day present. (Y’all remember it’s coming up?)

They have an enormous playground: it comfortably held 49 adults and about the same number of kids. I know the exact number because, well, I counted them. I had to make guesses about a few people, but it came out roughly:

4 grandmothers
28 nannies
17 moms, of whom 8 were visibly pregnant

Notice anything missing? That’s right!

There were no dads. No men, in fact, but li’l’ ol’ me.

Serves me right. I had been getting cocky, thinking that this whole stay-at-home dad lark was no big deal and heck! everyone’s doing it, I’m always running into other SAHDs all over town. Today, I was reminded that in much of the world (including among the affluent, apparently), we’re still pretty rare.

The ladies were actually pretty nice to me, especially considering that I was going around counting them and jotting down notes. One 37-week preggo mom and I had this lovely conversation as her 2-year old and Boo teeter-tottered:

Me: “Wow, I love your daughter’s shoes!”
She: “Thanks! I have a hard time finding ones that fit.”
Me: “Where’d you get them?”
She, in a whisper: “Um, Target.”
Me, in a conspiratorial whisper back: “Yeah, I know, sometimes they have the best kids’ stuff!”
She: Gives me a look like I’m from outer space, maybe the planet where men know things like the difference between Target and Wal-Mart.

And the kids? Well, one of the greatest things about being the only dad on the playground is that you attract a lot of attention… Boo and I had four or five admiring toddlers follow us around by the time we left.