Pimping Out My Baby, or “Fun with echolalia*”

Today at the garden store (buying a LEMON! tree), Boobaby riffed on the subject of bugs.

“I dig bugs. Shovel bugs. Worms! Oh SNAP! Worms. Ladybug party! Ladybug party!”

I know, she loves bugs, but — I’ll admit — I was giving her a little help.

I would steer her near the nursery staff and whisper little encouragements in her ear until she piped up and they noticed.

Doodaddy: What do we find in the yard?
Baby Boo: “Bugsz!”
What kind of bugs?
Say really loud ‘That’s a Douglas fir’
“Douklaz fer!”

When the gardeners glanced over, I quickly looked away and affected a casual look, as if to say “What, that? Oh, yeah, she’s just smart that way. Does this all the time.”


_*You probably know what echolalia is: that repeating thing kids do, where they say everything they just heard and make possible cute but almost-disturbing but completely hilarious videos. Apparently, it’s also a disease condition in adults. And a lot of bloggers… 🙂

You’ve probably seen the Will Ferrell video, too, but just in case: The “Landlord” can be found here.