Ladybug Party! Redux

Ladubug Party

Ladybug Doughnut Cake

Boobaby’s second birthday party came off without a hitch! I know what everyone wants to see, so that first photo is the ever-popular Krispy Kreme doughnut cake, decorated (naturally) with ladybugs.

(This was a three-dozen cake — I put up a picture of our 11-dozen wedding cake last year, with instructions! You, too, can be as sugar-frenzied as we were after our wedding!)

Ladubug Party-2

Ladybug Party!

We had just enough sun during the day to get out and release our ladybugs (after playing with them, of course)! I think most of them escaped the attentive sparrows, although a good dozen probably made it home with each party guest in his or her underclothes. (Sorry, all!)

I’ll probably write up a “how to have a ladybug party” at some point, but today in the aftermath of birthday and mother-in-law who disapproves of my housework, and with my own mother coming tomorrow, I’m pooped. That is to say, __"Estoy obtpyscpgrzxedado."