I’ve been procrastinating for a week. Here, look at this cute picture.


I’m playing around with the fancy flash settings on my camera, so you can either call this dancing shot "cool" or "crappy" — take your pick.

I have a real live writing gig for the first time in years. By “real” and “live” I mean to say that words I produce are going to be printed on actual paper using actual ink 190,000 times. (I’d be having a “Save Me Jeebus!” moment except I know my mother will be collecting most of the copies.)

Anyway, all that will only happen if I get my butt back into my chair and finish writing the darn thing. (I actually used exercise to procrastinate today.) So, in lieu of telling you all about my lovely lunch with Park Buddy today, I’m just going to show you this cute picture of Boobaby dancing.

See you on the other side!