Buy you a drink, m’lord? And now would you like to buy this bridge in Brooklyn?

Hey Man Can I Buy You a Drink

"Hey, man, can I buy you a drink? I’m nooooble!"

Have you ever Googled something when you meant to search for it somewhere else? I just did a thesaurus search for “conned” — I wanted “hornswoggled” for this post but couldn’t come up with it — and accidentally got this:

“What’s that they’re saying over there in the corner? He’s a lord, an English lord? … And he’s offerering to buy you a drink? Wow!”

Apparently, there’s a huge problem with fake lords haunting bars and sponging drinks off people, then scamming them in various ways. I spent a lovely 10 minutes reading about all the scams in a 20-page Baronage Press pamphlet called Are You Being Conned? (second edition),  since the first apparently couldn’t spell out in bold enough words: “If you believe the dude’s a lord, just stop drinking.”

Funny, isn’t it, how the day after Google failed me, I’ve failed Google! Now that’s goooood procrastination….