You Didn’t Believe Me When I Said That Boobaby Cusses Like a Sailor

Bloggers all exaggerate, right? Or, let’s just say — “embellish?” Well, I don’t, or at least not when it comes to Boobaby shouting pornographically at the zoo. Or getting loudly excited about the “frogs” at the science museum, except subtract the R and turn the G into a K.

Nope, Boo still can’t say “frog” without it sounding quite blue. Even worse, she got a frog hat.

FROG HAT. Subtract the R, harden the G, and you get… well. Listen for yourself, if you’re not at work:

[audio:Frog Hat.mp3]
(Press the “play” lookin’ thing — it’s only 10 seconds long.)

Why oh why did I get her a frog hat? And when, exactly, can they pronounce the letter G?