Organic. Look for the 9. I can’t find it. And why exactly would I want to?

Where is the 9

Where is the 9, exactly?

I got this onion at the market today. I thought it was some kind of viral marketing, so obedient consumer that I am, I immediately Googled it with only one result.

Did you hear me? I Googled and got ONLY ONE RESULT!

Man alive, you can Google “spinach feta walrus dildo” and get 20 pages full of results — this actual printed sticker on my onion returns only one result?

And said page was quite frustrating, in that it implied that everybody who’s at all “green” knows about this mysterious 9 already, in which case, why isn’t it anywhere on the Internet? Am I the only one who thinks the whole thing smacks of Procter & Gamble being run by Satanists? There’s a “9” cult somewhere, and they’ve just been secretly instructed that their alien overlords are arriving in a week so they should stock up on onions or something.

So Google has failed me. Can anyone help?

Update on 1/28/2008: Sad to say, not only has this page been added to the Google results for “organic look for the 9, it’s actually replaced the page I’d found that at least said a little about it! So, if you arrived here looking for information about organic labeling — sorry. See what you can learn from the comments.