Things Not to Say to a San Francisco Zookeeper

Boo and sheep

Boobaby several months ago, getting to know the animals. They’re among her best friends now — she goes to movies with this one.

We went to the zoo today — yes, that zoo — to feed the goats, our usual pursuit. We’re getting to know them by name now. Ginger (she’s big but not as pushy as her mom) tried to walk out the gate with us, hoping for one last morsel. Boo thought that was hi-_lar-_ious. I kind of agree. Poor goat.

Boobaby channeled Ginger the goat after lunch: she made a beeline for the cafeteria door as I collected our belongings. After I disposed of the trash, I found Boo trying to connive an arriving zookeeper into letting her sneak out the open door.

“Guess she’s learning from the animals!” I bantered in what I’m sure was supposed to be a winning, jocular tone. I meant, of course, the goat.

I think, just perhaps, the keeper thought I was referring to the tiger. She burned a look into me so deep that my eyeballs caught on fire, then stomped off without reply. Ouch.

That’s me: champion of the goat gaffe. Sorry, keeper.

As usual for all decent photos of Boo, the credit for this one goes to Mike.