I’m Loud and Obnoxious. Love It or Lump It.

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Boobaby wishes she and her friend could walk 20 feet away from me so no one knows we’re together.

Music Together class started again today. And I (incidentally, the only man in the class, but that’s a whole ‘nuther post) was the loud one.

I don’t drown anyone out. I just, you know, participate. When the teacher says “repeat these notes,” I repeat these notes without hesitation. Everyone sings along the first time — I sing along every time.

I’m too old to be embarrassed. I’ve done plenty of more embarrassing things in my life than pretend vociferously to be an erupting Jack-in-the-Box in front of a bunch of toddlers. (Remind me to tell you about my experience as a shirtless spear-carrier.)

Many of the parents look embarrassed for me, and to be honest, Boobaby is starting to seem a little nonplussed by the whole “participatory daddy” thing, too. On the other hand, some of them seem to appreciate that I sing so loudly so they won’t have to. (Which is totally not the point. The kids need to see every parent singing and dancing so they get that it’s cool to sing and dance.)

The kids though? They love it. Not a class has gone by when I didn’t have two or three fans among the kids. Three joyful babies on my lap? That’s the praise that keeps me singing along, off-key but exuberant.

Sigh. Nice Friday. Have a great weekend, everyone!