“Buy Some!” Or, Now that she’s talking, how do I make her stop?

I have no idea where she got it, but Boobaby’s latest response to words of moderation are…

“Buy some!”

  • “Sorry, Boo, there are no more crackers.” “Buy some!”
  • “You drank all your water, let me fill it up.” “Buy some!”
  • “That goat lives at the zoo, we can’t take it home.” “Buy some!”

It was kind of cute for a while, in that way that all Boo’s unexpected interjections are. We don’t notice her picking up a new word and then she’ll say it — “Fluctuate! Turpitude! Venison!” — and we’ll say “Oh, how wonderful! Language acquisition!”

Then in some wonderfully public place, surrounded by many mommies ready to judge my fitness as a parent, I’ll set a limit (“No more cookie dough, little girl!” comes to mind) and Boobaby shouts “BUY SOME! BUY SOME! BUY SOME!”


Eyes turn. Uncomfortable smiles. Whispers, too: “…must be spoiled…probably gets cookie dough for breakfast every day…that poor child…” (OK, maybe I’m imagining the whispers, but they’re awfully loud in my head. Can’t get that voice to stop, as a matter of fact.)

Overreactions aside, it discomfits me enormously that Boo has decided that “buying some” is the answer to woe. Beats me how it happened, and I don’t think she even makes the connection with money, since we use plastic nearly everywhere. (Yay, consumer debt!) If that’s the case — she doesn’t really mean “buy” when she says “buy” — how can I make her just shut up about it? Cut that word out of her vocabulary completely?

Sigh. I guess it could be worse. She’s nearly two and no cussing yet.

Unless you count “fluctuate.”