Seven random things: Amazing Doberman Edition

They saved my life

A self-described Crazy blog friend tagged me to throw out seven “random” things about myself. Nothing about me is random (to me, anyway), but it was a hard and weepy day, so, what the hell, why not?

  1. I hate big box stores unless they have cart escalators, which I call cartscalators. I love cartscalators.
  2. The movie The Amazing Dobermans (with Fred Astaire!) probably saved my life.
  3. I had a secret relationship of not very long when my wife and I were first dating and broke up briefly. I never told her about it then (things were delicate), and now I sort of like that I have a secret, albeit a pretty harmless one.
  4. If I get into an unfamiliar shower (like at a hotel) I wear my glasses. I’m afraid of drain spooks.
  5. My first tool was an adjustable spanner (a.k.a. Crescent wrench, monkey wrench, gas grips, adjustable end wrench, etc.). I still have it and its handle is green.
  6. To no one’s surprise I’m sure, I cry at movies. I cry at Christmas-themed newspaper ads, too.
  7. The Smiths’ song “Girlfriend in a Coma” is ingrained in my head. Whenever I hear a phrase with the same rhythm scheme – DA-da in a DA-da — I sing the next line, and usually not just in my head. Imagine the scene at the coffee place as I sing out loud in my best Morrissey voice: “Two shots in my latte / I know, I know, it’s serious (la la, la la la).”

I&#8217;m feeling more and more boring. It&#8217;s cute, though, that I&#8217;ve now done memes for 7, 8, 9, and 10 things about myself. Do I hear 11?