Silent fume.

It’s more frustrating than anything to expect gratitude and get only disappointment.

While Working Mom and Boobaby were out for their Saturday bonding, I got the washer/dryer installed and dozens of boxes put away and broken down. I was just off-loading the cooler full of cosmetics when the girls came home.

“Oh, I had a different idea about where those would go,” she said, unceremoniously.

I’ve no doubt she did. I do doubt, however, that they would have been put away before the new year. Or Valentine’s Day. In 2013. WM has an incredibly high tolerance for things like boxes sitting everywhere. I do not.

Sigh. I get that this is i way in which we’re different, she and I, and we have to compromise. Still, can’t I get a little bitty thanks for a morning of appliance installation, at least?