Do you discriminate on your blogroll?

All at once, like over a week, I’ve gotten a half-dozen “link exchange” requests. Partly this amazes me — who on earth would give a flying fadiddle if a link to their site is posted on my dinky little blog? (Notice, please, how good I’m getting at covering up my cussing. Toddler in the house.) And a little of me thinks, “What the fluctuate? Why should I give a Snickersbar, I’ll just post the duckbill-platypus thing.”

To be honest, I’m also a little flattered.

Mostly, though, I think, “Well, gee, my blogroll is made up of sites I actually read pretty often. And as much as I love the idea of being on every blogroll in the world (I don’t, actually, but we’ll pretend), it seems more reasonable if you linked to my site if you read it, too, or maybe if you quote something I’ve written, that kind of thing.” Sound like a fair statement?

I’m over-thinking this, aren’t I?