In lieu of a post, a letter of apology

Hey, y’all,

After weeks of wondering and waiting, we’re finally moving — on Monday. I’ve been madly applying sealant to floors, repainting kitchen cabinets, installing lights, and otherwise using the scant evening hours to make our new home on the hill livable before Sunday.

And so, I haven’t been writing much.

Or rather, I have still been starting to write — which I do incessantly, on notepads and post-its and my forearm — but not doing the hard part. No editing for me this week.

So you’ll probably get some late-night stream-of-consciousness rants this week, but very little by way of polish. And for that, I apologize in advance.

And yet a bunch of you are sticking it out with me! Just by reading my moving-week drivel, you give me confidence: it’s almost like you’re helping me move! So — thanks for that. I promise I’ll be back on form in a couple of weeks.

Cheers and thanks again,