Guardian ad litem groups: Thank You XVI

Once upon a time, I was a volunteer “CASA” — an initialism for “court-appointed special advocate,” known in some places as a guardian ad litem. In English, that means I volunteered to mentor youth in the foster care system.

It was hard, hoo boy, and I pretty much sucked at it, but it brought me into contact with people who make the most vulnerable of children their life’s work, and I learned to have a helluva lot of respect for them. It’s a tough brand of social work, but it’s incredibly beneficial.

So, for today,

Thanks, CASA and other dependency court volunteer organizations!

If you’ve got the time or inclination to learn more about them, or, heck, drop them a donation (they deserve it) or even volunteer (hardest but best volunteer gig I ever had), you can find your local group at the National CASA Web site,