Thank You Number 1: Guess Who?

Let’s say you’re a blog friend of mine (you know who you are!) and you incite me to join your posse for National Blog Posting Month. Let’s just say that’s you.

What were you thinking?!

I need no encouragement — I seem to blather on pretty much daily anyway! And I’ve got dishes to wash and laundry to re-do because I left it so long in the washer it got mildewy!

Sigh. Aimee spoke and I had to listen. I signed up for the “Thank Someone Every Day” group at NaBloPoMo: In addition to my usual drivel, I’m going to write up a quick “thank you” post each day.

Now, I do like thanking people — I used to put “thank someone” on my weekly to-do list even. But I expect that these expressions of gratitude will be primarily a personal journey for me, so if you want to delete them unread out of your reader, feel free. I’m going to add “Thank You” to the title of each one so you’ll know which is which.

And here’s my thank-you for day one:

Thanks, mom!

I know, who saw that coming? Sure, I’m a stay-at-home dad, I get the importance of all of a kid’s parents of every gender — including two-mom, grandma-uncle, foster and adoptive families and countless other permutations. And even some people raised by a bio-mom don’t feel especially lucky in that, of course. So singling her out for the first day of thanks is a personal decision — she’s my inspiration and grounding, she taught me how rewarding it is to access my compassion. And she did all that as a single mother working all sorts of late hours — when I think of how exhausted I get as a stay-at-home, I just can’t imagine what she must have gone through.

Mom, you’re cooler than cool. Thanks again, for everything.