Dancing Penguins in the Window, and other ways to overstimulate a toddler on Halloween

God love San Francisco. I’m sure your town has a cool Halloween street — you know, where nearly every house is decorated and the kids flock from all over, right?

Does your Halloween street have go-go-dancing penguins?

Penguin repute

It is what it is. Welcome to Amsterd– I mean, San Francisco.

Man, I like this town. In the middle of a street renowned for its Halloween splendor, these over-the-top folks had removed the glass from their bay windows (kid you not), put up dancing platforms and light, and converted their house front into an Antarctic-themed red-light district. The dancing, of course, was plenty hip — San Francisco, remember. Think Mouse from Tales of the City, except instead of wearing tighty-whities at a hot gay bar, he’s in a penguin suit and surrounded by 7-year olds dressed as Mr. Incredible. Sweet.

Robin Hood artsy

"Happy Weeeeeen!" My little Robin Hood and Working Mom Maid Marian, too. Stay-at-home Friar Tuck not pictured.

And Boobaby danced for what seemed like hours. And she shrieked joyfully at every creepy spider dangling from the trees and at every spooky lighting fixture. Tellingly, she was nonplussed by the things you usually associate with Halloween — costumes and candy. We don’t give her candy and most of the costumes are just clothes, after all. The only outfits that turned her head were Thomas the Tank Engine (“choo-choo!") and animals (“meow-meow!"). (The poor guy whose head had been replaced by a four-foot construction cone merited not a second glance.)

Amazingly, after all that, Boo was pretty calm coming home, sat down for dinner and went to bed more or less on time. Such a tough kid.

So — how about you guys? Any good Halloween stories to tell?