Baby’s First Earthquake

As a lot of you heard, there was an earthquake ’round these parts yesterday. Boobaby’s response was to run to the window and look for the truck. We live on a busy street, and a little earthquake like yesterday’s feels just about the same as a semi tractor-trailer.

(Before I forget, thanks to all of you who commented and e-mailed to ask how we fared during the earthquake yesterday when you saw it on the news. We’re all fine! Thanks!)

Now if you don’t live here, please don’t take this wrong, you should know that we Californians think it’s kinda funny that a 5.6 magnitude shakeup even makes the news at all. Five-point-six! I know, you’re probably thinking that the horrible Loma Prieta quake that hit during the 1989 World Series and knocked down freeways and stuff was only 7.0, right? The thing is, the Richter scale has some sort of quirk so that each point means something like 30 times bigger. So this earthquake was like 500 times less strong than Loma Prieta.

So sure, we felt it. I moved away from the window for a minute, but only after I’d saved my document. Apart from that, though, there wasn’t much impact. The AP had to resort to a picture of a bunch of tubes that fell off shelves at a drugstore. No glass, no injuries.

So thanks again for your concern, but we’re all cool!

However, don’t forget us if that 7.0 or 8.0 hits soon — send water! Or emergency blankets! Or bandwidth! I might be hitting you up for a place to stay when global warming melts the ice caps and San Francisco ends up under water, too!