Doodaddy is a Closet Momblocker

Hey, all! I posted over at GNM Parents today about how frequently I am visited by the “momblocking” urge, a term that’s been used by many to describe the male version of “gatekeeper moms” (check out Amy Sohn writing in New York magazine, for example).

A momblocker, you see, is a dad, whether stay-at-home or not, who is so confident about his role that he seizes on all a family’s parenting decisions in a family, leaving no room for mom.

Horrible, right? In the post I describe how I work my way through it: I still feel the urge but I struggle hard not to succumb:

I can proudly report that when I get the momblocking itch, I manage not to scratch. … My wife wanted to put Boo into a special dress for a visit. I could see that it was a “knee-banger”: the hem was exactly the right length to get tangled in Boo’s feet when she climbs, spelling disaster when combined with fancy new shoes and bare legs. Without complaint, I simply snuck a spare dress into the diaper bag, which my wife changed her into within an hour.

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