In Which I Blog Endlessly About the Free Diapers They Sent Me

I picked my blog name originally because I’m sort of into geeky “doodads” — not “baby products,” per se, but ways of using stuff to make parenting easier. One of my doodads was this cool door I invented for our wine rack, for example. But I also consider the Bissell sweeper to be a parenting doodad.

My Wine Door

  <p class="photocaption">
    Remember the wine rack door?

My mission has evolved, though, and I’ve never really been tempted to dwell on parenting doodads. The name can make the blog, though: can’t a title drive an author in a particular direction? Would Rachael be as cranky if she weren’t CrankMama? (Well, actually, she’s Redsy now, so there you go.) Would Kristen be so uncensored if she didn’t call her blog Motherhood Uncensored? Clearly, they were headed in those directions already or else they wouldn’t have picked the names. Still, I wonder.

In any event, Doodaddy is a personal confessional blog now, so I was surprised to be sent some free diapers last month. What marketer on earth would imagine that the 150 readers I occasionally muster would care all that much what I think about a diaper brand? How do parents pick diapers, anyway: we try one, try another, then try another until we find one that mostly doesn’t leak on our baby’s butt type, right?

Nonetheless, now that I’ve received and used the diapers, I feel almost obligated to tell you about them — not obligated to the diaper people, but to you. After all, it was on your behalf that I accepted them! (You can thank me later.)

Still reading? I doubt it. But just in case you are, here goes nothing. For your reference, I was sent one free pack of these.

This is a review of Luvs “Bear Hug Stretch” disposable diapers, which the marketing agent described as “a premium diaper feature that offers side tab stretch at no extra cost.” I’m not entirely sure what she meant by that — the diaper construction looks about like the Seventh Generation diapers we already use, with perhaps a bit more elastic.

Some pros:

  • The batting is very much thinner than our current diapers but seems to have about the same absorption capacity.
  • They seem pretty darn leak-proof.
  • The tapes were well-designed and the diaper easy to put on. (The Seventh Generation tapes sometimes tear off; no such problem with the Luvs.)
  • Boo loved the design, a licensed dog character I didn’t recognize. She sometimes requests the “arf-arf” diapers as a special treat.

A con:

  • The scent was too strong for our tastes. As a caveat, I don’t like any sort of artificial fragrance. If there’s a poo in there, I want to smell it so I can change the diaper immediately; why mask it?

So, there you go.

I know I’m a little weird about this, my first time marrying the commerce of parenting blogs with my own little Doodaddy blog. Still, it’s not like the Web is some sort of commercial-free zone; I don’t object to ads or reviews on blogs in general, and in a way I’m feeling a little titillated to be playing with the big kids now.

Just in time, I recently was e-mailed by a company that makes some sort of device that limits kids’ television time. They asked if I wanted to do a review and a “product giveaway” on the site.

What do you think? Should I try it out? Or is that selling out even more completely?