A Public Apology

A couple of weeks ago, my blog friend Aimee the Greeblemonkey posted an interesting “dissenting opinion” on Mile High Mamas about breastfeeding in public. You should read it (and everything she writes, really), but the gist is that she, even as a mom and a supporter of breastfeeding, doesn’t really relish seeing overtly indiscreet breastfeeding in public. I totally agree with everything Aimee had to say:

“Yes, breastfeeding is natural – but so is peeing and picking your nose and clipping your toenails… but there are also times and places and ways to do it, and there may be people around you who are not comfortable with the sight of you doing it.”

However, the whole debate has always bewildered me a little, because even as a stay-at-home dad who’s seen a lot of breastfeeding, I’ve never seen anything irksome. In my comment, I mentioned that

“…my wife breastfeeds in public, and when Boo was younger, even at the table. Boo wasn’t comfortable with a cover, but it honestly wasn’t that hard to be discreet… She wears loose-fitting clothes that more or less block any view from the sides without covering the baby, and baby blocked most of the “view” anyway.”

So, basically, I come down on the side of the reasonable, and I included Aimee in that group. But then earlier today I posted about how I find thongs a lot nastier than any public breastfeeding I’d ever seen, and Aimee took that as an argument against her position, a slap, really. I really didn’t mean it that way, but it’s really clear why it came across that way — I worded it really poorly, and that was stupid.

So in this forum that’s as public as anything I can muster, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry to Aimee. She’s totally right — and I’d be really sad if my clumsiness messed up our long-distance friendship. She was one of the first bloggers to be nice to me, she’s a great writer and photographer, and deserves better than some glib attempt at humor on my dumb blog.

So again, I’m sorry.