Our Babies, Our Selves: I see myself in Boobaby, and sometimes that’s not so great.

Boobaby is chatty. She sings all the time, including a rendition of the Love Boat theme that’s famous among our friends. She frequently won’t sit still for something as boring as food, even if the lack makes her cranky later. And she considers that bugs are there primarily to entertain her.

Sound familiar? Yep, that’s me. I posted today over at GNM Parents about how we’re reaping what we sow with Boobaby. From that post:

I talk constantly, I don’t suffer boredom well, and I’m fascinated by discovering critters under rocks. Boobaby is exactly the same way. My friend is much more introspective than me, a professional writer and an avid reader. Not surprisingly, his daughter is very much the same way. She’s learned to feed herself and loves to read endlessly; Boo loves to dig in the dirt and jabber.

…Scant comfort though it is, I shouldn’t be worried about Boobaby’s fidgetiness and distractibility. After all, I’m a fidgety cuss myself — what else did I expect?

Click here to read the whole post over at GNM Parents, wouldja?

And, if you’re keeping score, that’s now the second time the theme from Love Boat has come up on Doodaddy. Not too surprising, right? I think we all have a little dollop of Charo within us. Cuchi-cuchi!