Show You My Kitchen? OK! Hold Your Noses!

One of the more bizarre tags of late… Taste Like Crazy wants me to show you “eight things about my kitchen.”

All I can say is… you asked for it!

  1. Off we go! We’ll start here, at the refrigerator, which, as you can see, is quite large. I like to have space for a full week’s meals, and we sometimes have as many as a hundred guests.

  1. The raw materials! I think way too much emphasis is put on “variety” these days, so I start every meal with good, fresh (by which I mean thawed) Atlantic herring. This contrasts with some families I know where they cook a different main course every night! I mean, who am I, Martha Stewart or something?

  1. I like to be frugal with my fish, as well. At 75 cents a pound, home economics is vitally important!

  1. I do believe in varying the presentation, however. Sometimes we eat our herring whole, sometimes I grind it up. I got tired of hand grinding, though, so I invested in an industrial strength macerator! (An added benefit to this preparation: no part of the fish is wasted!)

  1. I’m a horrible planner in the kitchen. As you can see, I thawed this salmon oil just three months ago — not nearly enough time to get it to pour! So much for the herring pesto I’d been planning…

  1. I’m a complete sucker for kitchen gadgets of every kind! I know, I probably don’t need three special utensils for scale removal, but they just feel so good in my hand, y’know?

  1. Here’s where I keep my material safety data sheets. Just to show the paramedics if they need to come by, mind you. Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it can’t!

  1. Finally, of course, I keep a few medications in the kitchen for easy access. For some reason, we need them a lot.

So that’s my kitchen! I hereby tag and expect similar photo essays from: Busy Mom, Dean Mama, Playgroups are No Place for Children (’cause I miss her, don’t know how she dropped off my blogroll), Redhead Reverend (where I’m a lurker, and doesn’t that sound spooky), and The Waterman’s Wife. (Aimee and Mike, just let me know if you want and I’ll tag you, too.)

And, as always, Barack Obama. (Do you suppose he even knows what his kitchen looks like? I always associate politicians with takeout food.)