No BUI For Me!

I know, everyone was excited about me blogging after coming home from Drinking Liberally last night. Turns out, though, that Working Mom had hit an ovulation marker, so I had other duties. (I know, I’m not supposed to talk about it. Sorry, Mike.)

I don’t think I would have had all that much to say, anyway. Of all our man outings, last night’s was probably the most disappointing. (Here are some of our cooler man-dates.) I’m as liberal as the next guy, but sitting around bashing George “I Even Suck Worse Than Harding” Bush only holds so much interest. Preaching to the choir, and all that. (But only if the choir knows who Harding was.)

The convo picked up a little when I incited an argument about Macs vs. PCs — liberals claim the former as their own, which I think is emblematic of the problem with us liberals, to be honest.

Weirdest of all for me was not talking about our kids hardly at all. When we’re out together, Mike and I attempt to talk about manly stuff, but honestly, we have so many dad experiences in common that our talks always orbit the kids to some degree. We obviously told the liberals that we were stay-at-home dads and chatted a little about it, but only a very little.

Don’t get me wrong: it was an adult night out, which is always great, especially going out to dinner with Mike afterwards. (Foodies? We went to Ti Couz, a French colonial crepe place that’s one of the reasons it’s so cool to live in San Francisco. Seriously. Move here and eat some.)

Have you ever had a hundred unfinished thoughts in your head at the same time? For some reason, my head is bursting these days. Thoughts of Boobaby, moving, friends in need, the changing seasons, and a dozen other threads are sloshing around the ol’ grey matter. When this happens to me, unfortunately, I become unrestrainedly chatty. The slightly geeky liberals and pitchers of beer didn’t help: I don’t think Mike got a word in edgewise. (Sorry, Mike!)

The hundred unfinished thoughts are also at least a dozen unfinished blog posts, so there might be a bit of a flood over the next week or so.

So, sorry about the boring man date. We’ll try to work some excitement into the next one… did somebody say “Unusual Piercings?” Now that would be a bonding experience!