Happy Equinox! We Spent it Alone at the Zoo

Empty Barnyard

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    An Entirely Empty Barnyard &#8212; deserted even by the sheep

By San Francisco’s usual climate calendar, August is winter, September is summer, and fall doesn’t hit until October or so. This year, though, some global force turned our summer into a mostly fog-free summer. Although it was lovely, that means that we have actually arrived at autumn in time for the equinox.

Which means that…

  • It’s chilly.
  • School’s in session.
  • Buddy Boy is in preschool, and can only take one day off a week for outings.

So… we were completely, entirely alone at the zoo yesterday. There was one field trip group off in the distance. A couple of other strollers, but no one wanted to make eye contact for some reason. (I think antisocial parents choose the zoo for its insulation from human interaction.)

Carousel Solo

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    On our favorite cat at the carousel. The one with a dead bird in its mouth, if you must know.

We rode the carousel alone. We fed goats, alone. Boo ran through the prairie dog tunnel by herself, even sitting in the favorite alcove she usually shares with Buddy Boy.

And, although Boo seemed to have a great time, as usual, it struck me that she showed a somewhat confused look on her face most of the day. As if to say…

“Where is everyone?”


“Why won’t anyone talk to me?”

Good questions, both.