When in Doubt, Blame the Cat

My baby has learned to cover her ass, metaphorically and literally.

We got a potty chair, just to get her used to it, you understand, but Boo figured out right away what it was for. She peed into it within ten minutes of getting it set up, so we left her diaperless for the rest of the day.

I guess we were a little optimistic, as we found a perfectly-formed baby crap in the living room that afternoon.

“Boobaby? Did you make this poop?” we asked.

Boo took one look at us, pointed at the turd, and said…

“Meow, meow!”

We broke down laughing — that’s not bad subterfuge for a 19-month old girl! She was given away, though, by the obvious blueberry skins. Little did she know that her parents would do something as disgusting as examining a poo!