How to feel better about your challenges as a parent after just one hour

Did you catch This American Life last weekend? (I’m just catching up on my podcasts.) It’s called “Unconditional Love” and there were two parenting stories: the first about a quietly heroic family who adopted a Romanian orphan, the second about a family with an autistic son.

I was crying pretty much constantly from the point when they describe the Romanian boy sleeping sitting up in a crib until he was eight years old.


Too Cute For Radio

Oh, and just to kick it off, a little story on the scientist who discovered attachment disorder in rhesus monkeys, whose unconditional love was reserved for a stuffed mommy dummy in their cages.

I might just trot this recording out the next time I think Boobaby’s rare tantrums are too challenging for me. Some people… well, there are some truly, truly amazing parents out there.

You can get This American Life on iTunes (it’s the 9/2/2007 show) or download for free at their Web site.