Missing a Friend

Friendship Regained

Finding a Friend Again

Buddy Boy started preschool last week, so Boobaby didn’t see him for six days! When at last they were reunited, they ran up and down the pavement at Peet’s for about a half an hour screaming out ancient Roman war cries (“aaiya aiyaa Hannibal aiyaa aiiaya elephants agaaaiy!“) until, finally, they collapsed in a big heap of love.

When you’ve got kids, all the usual mileposts of friendship are compressed. Park Buddy and I have become fast friends after, what, less than a year? We just sort of clicked, and clearly our kids did, too, so it made sense to hang out together.

When life separates adult friends, they can stay friends. Will Park Buddy and I? Is our friendship based solely on proximity and playdates spent together? In other words — is our friendship the friendship of adults, or the friendship of toddlers?

We might not have a choice. Our kids love each other so dearly, Park Buddy and I might be forced to engineer ways to get them together even around the challenging full-day preschool schedule.

And maybe — just maybe — we’ll continue to meet for coffee on baby-free days, too. If our babies no longer bring us together, we’ll just have to make use of our mutual caffeine addiction!

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