When I’m In Favor of Burning Books

I have a love-hate relationship with parenting books. I love my Karp, but as I wrote in that review, most parenting books are “too darn long, stuffed with sidebars and anecdotes, and take forever to get around to the point.”

So I posted today over at GNM Parents about how best to use parenting books. Here’s the story I start out with:

…After months of trying, our friends finally got pregnant and so they set up a nursery, bought a layette, and started to read lots and lots of parenting books. Too many parenting books, it turns out.

Dad-to-be came home after work one evening and found his wife curled up on the sofa, sobbing because she’d been reading the “problem pages” of a popular parenting book. You know this section, right? It’s where an author details every possible complication and genetic anomaly, and not just those that affect infancy, but a child’s entire life.

After consoling his wife, our expectant father friend took every last parenting book, piled them in the outdoor fire ring, and burned them to a crisp.

Honestly, I don’t think that burning the parenting books was such a bad idea in their case, but there are other ways to make use of ’em, too. (Shoring up sagging table legs comes to mind.)

Check out my full post over at GNM Parents and let me know what you think!