OCD Baby

We now have to take a rag along with us because Boobaby likes to clean the playground.

“Waush! Waush!”

For ten minutes, she wipes the slide, goes to the fountain for more water, wipes some more, gets into the little crannies where the slide meets the ground, gets more water, and then goes on wiping.

It’s cute at first; the other moms smile at such endearing behavior. As the minutes tick on, though, and Boo continues to “Waush! Waush!”, you can see their expressions go from benign to nervous to borderline horrified. What must that daddy do to her at home, I imagine them wondering. Maybe she has to scrub the toilet before he feeds her?

I thought I was being so clever the time I gave Boo her own little a spray bottle of water and a cloth so she could clean the floor with me. Added to her toy broom and dustpan, I guess it was just a little too much.

The other day, I did a pretty thorough bathroom cleansing: scrubbed the tub, wiped the walls, shelved the adult sundries, bagged the bath toys, cleaned the mirror, scooped the cat litter. You know what Boobaby did all that time?

Brushed her teeth. For 20 minutes, she just brushed her teeth.
Oh, she’s not tidy, by any means. Sitting here at my dining room table, if I sweep my foot along the floor I’ll dislodge four alphabet blocks, a wooden train track, a very ugly uglee doll, and a wooden “vacuum cleaner.”

No, Boo’s a clutterbug, just like her parents. But she loves to clean. And while it’s cute for now, it can be a little embarrassing at times — she’s already better than me at hand-washing.

How early is too early to diagnose your child’s personality disorders? I guess it’s premature to try to curb this behavior now, at 18 months. Besides, the oven needs cleaning. Maybe I’ll encourage my little housekeeper just a little longer…