Lordy, I Just Got Offered Free Diapers. Now What?

Another blogging milestone today.

  • First, I thought I’d reached the pinnacle of recognition with the hottest daddy award (for which by the way, I’ve still only got seven votes — ahem!).
  • Then came my first Sanctimommy. Does the joy never end?
  • Today, though, I am again blessed with a daddy bloggers’s dream:

I got offered a pack of free diapers by a marketer.

Presumably the hope is that I’ll review them, or mention the brand, or something. Or even if I hate them — all publicity is good publicity, right?

So, here’s the question… do I accept? My gut tells me, “Sure, why the hell not? A diaper is a diaper.” But I dunno — maybe I’m missing something. (The e-mail did come from Mephistopheles@sell-your-soul-to.us — Perhaps I should be careful?)