Unhappy Millionaires, Swimming in Kids

Remember when I wrote that millionaires who keep working are stupid, idiotic losers? That two million dollars in the bank would set me and my family for life with plenty to spare?

Well, the New York Times found some millionaires who feel poor. Check out this gem:

“People around here, if they have 2 or 3 million dollars, they don’t feel secure,” said David W. Hettig, an estate planner based in Menlo Park who has advised Silicon Valley’s wealthy for two decades.

Aside from that estate planner, you know who should be advising these people?

  • A psychologist, to realign their privileged, entitled asses; and
  • A social theorist, to show them just what an exalted position they hold in the context of the rest of our world; and
  • A moral philosopher, to give them a few minutes’ struggle with questions like “what’s right?” and “how can I give something back to this community that has provided me with so much?”

Apparently, though, one way these poor millionaires feel better about themselves is by having lots of kids — not because they, oh, say want a big family, but as a fashion accessory. “Four kids” is the new “two kids” among the New England upper crust, according to this NPR story, anyway.

I’m extremely lucky: I’ve got enough, as does my small family, and even then, and although we donate what we can, I feel pretty selfish at times. Can these super-rich be so very blind to the troubled, impoverished world around them to hoard such a large cache of resources? And for what? To have more “accessory” children who’ll be better known to their nannies than to their parents?

It’s too disgusting a load of crap to have to take on a Monday morning. I’m going back to bed.