Do You Dry-Clean Your Pillows Every Six Months?

I like Real Simple magazine a lot, but sometimes, it just makes me feel like a complete housework loser.


  <p class="photocaption">
    From the <em>Real Simple </em>&#8220;You&#8217;re an Incompetent Housekeeper Chart&#8221;

Check out this chart of chores you should be doing weekly, monthly, and yearly. (To be fair, they got it from a book called Spring Cleaning, but still, the “Real Simple” people turned it into a fancy PDF chart and everything.) Among their suggested time frames are weekly tub & shower scrubs (I wish) and a good appliance polishing every three months. And me, fresh out of appliance polish!

There are things on their list I’ve never done: “Clean the refrigerator condenser coil every six months.” Um… what?

I’m determined not to let the Martha-Simple-Unclutterer people ruin my positive outlook, though. I got a decluttering book (It’s All Too Much) — as an audio book, so that the book itself isn’t a source of more clutter — and I’m starting on a massive campaign to lighten the load.

I’m not getting a lot of buy-in, though. A couple of things the book recommends:

  • Donate any clothes you haven’t worn in a year.
    • That’s fine with Working Mom — as long as we’re talkin’ dog years.
  • Schedule a specific time for the whole family to work on the decluttering project.
    • WM is overworked already, and wants to spend every free second with Boobaby.
  • Declutter during your daily routine.
    • Boy, wouldn’t that be nice? I spend at least half of my housework time “straightening”: putting away cereal boxes, closing cabinet doors, putting bath toys back in the bath toy basket — you know, things that would be easily taken care of at the time when they were used, but in accumulation become a huge chore.

I know, I’m just supposed to tell my wife these things and everything will be better. Some people have no problem just spitting it out. I’ve tried that, a couple of times, but I just feel mean, as if I’m suggesting that she should ignore the baby while she hangs up pile of clothes she leaves on the bed. (Come to think of it, the baby would love a “hang the clothes” game… I deep-cleaned the entire bathroom the other day by giving Boo a clean rag so she could “help.” But I digress.)

So I’m left taking care of it on my own, a job I don’t actually mind all that much but — well, one I’d love a little more credit for.