Am I Using Up My “Buh-Bye!” Quota?

I’m holding the baby with an arm nearly numb from exhaustion, It’s freezing because it’s San Francisco in the summer, and we’re huddling in front of the gate to our house, not going in because Boo’s been playing with the keys for the past half an hour and she’s not about to let go now. I can beg, wheedle, point out, and persuade, but there’s no way she’ll give them up.

So I say…

“Say Bye-Bye, Keys!”

And Boo says,

“Buh-Bye, Kheez!”

And they’re mine again.

“Buh-Bye” is frikkin’ magical right now. Anytime Boo’s got something she really likes but needs to put down, I whip out the “Buh-Bye” and we’re set. Time for her to “share” by giving up the swing she’s been monopolizing? “Buh-Bye!” Time to leave the really cool museum? “Buh-Bye!” and we’re out.

It’s so functional that I’ve gotten to the point where I Buh-Bye everything — “Buh-Bye socks!” when we’re on the changing table, “Buh-Bye sun!” when night is falling, “Buh-Bye poop!” as I flush the toilet. And that’s what’s got me worried — am I overdoing it? Is there a limit to how long “Buh-Bye” will work? Will I wake up someday after “Buy-Buying” too much and find that Boo no longer buys it when I Buh-Bye?

What a sad day that will be.

Ah, the things I decide to be nervous about.