Racism at the Playground

  • Toddlers not sharing? I can deal with that.
  • Big kids who wrestle with my baby? Very manageable.
  • Only two swings and four kids who want to swing? No problem — deflect!


  • “Adults” who talk critically about people of other races, people who speak a different language, or people from different countries? That I have no idea how to handle.

I posted today over at GNM Parents about a couple whose daughter is going to Park Buddy’s school. Which means…

…we’re going to have to see her on a regular basis. While my strategy is just fine for getting racists out of my life, it won’t work if I’m trying to effect change in someone I’m going to have to engage with. Besides, this woman has a lovely three-year old girl, and I just can’t stand by and let her be infused with hate when I have even the slightest opportunity to make a difference.

Park Buddy and I are both feeling hugely challenged by this at the mo’ — read the whole story on the original post.

And please: I could really use some advice.