Fashion Photo Retouching for Children: Creepy, Gross, or Both?

Someone (in jest) sent me a link to this horrible, horrible site that promises to take pictures of our cute, wholesome children and turn them into plastic, generic grotesques:


  <p class="photocaption">
    &#8220;<a href="" target="_blank">Professional Pageant Photo Retouching</a>&#8221; &#8212; really, click on it, because it has to be seen to be believed.

The name of the site — “Professional Pageant Photo Retouching” — probably should have tipped me off, but I clicked on it anyway. I’m certainly no stranger to the occasional foray into Photoshop. I’ve removed at least a dozen zits from myself, and I sharpen Boobaby’s eyes sometimes if the light’s bad. And yes, I’ll occasionally “pose” a picture for a better background.

But this is bad — Jon Benet bad. Why — oh why! — would anyone do this to their children?

Plus — couldn’t she have just worn the hat? Do beauty pageants have a “not-too-much-forehead” rule?