The Cure for Baby Withdrawal

The babysitter is working out great; Boo has no trouble going back and forth to the playground without me these days.

Nope, the only one who has trouble with it is me.

I miss the playground. I miss playing with my baby and with all the other babies. Twice since the sitter’s started, I’ve “brought lunch” along to the playground, just so that I could hang out with Boo and her buddies. Sort of kills the whole point of even getting a babysitter if I’m not going to get my chores done!

This amazes me somewhat, since before I had a daughter, I thought I couldn’t relate to any child under 5. I was an outdoor educator, so I thought that life started at kindergarten. Now, babies — can’t get enough of ’em!

Pining for babies coincides with a period in Boobaby’s life when she’s more independent than ever. She runs off on her own at the playground now, as if to say “I’m 18 months old, dad, Geez! Lay off!”

I find myself inventing new challenges so that she’ll stay interested in playing with me. Can three of us somersault together? Can you slide down the twisty slide with Park Buddy on your lap? How about that ladder, want to give that a shot?

When all else fails there are still bubbles, which never fail to captivate Boo. She might lose her interest in bubbles someday, but then again, maybe not.

I sure never did!