Help Get Me Ready for my Man-Date!

Tonight is the second “man’s night out” — a tradition I instituted at the request of Working Mom, who wanted some nights at home with the baby by herself. So I’m hitting a bar that’s probably yuppier that last week’s with Cry it Out Mike again.

I haven’t been this nervous before a date since… well, since I used to go out on dates.

1. What do I wear?

Mike always looks like one of those guys in a cool independent band, except maybe he’s a little cleaner. I usually look like I’ve just come back from a hike. I know, I’ll leave the bird guide at home, but do you think I can get away with the short-sleeve-t-shirt-over-long-sleeve-t-shirt thing that’s so hip these days? Or stick to my usual fleece vest?

2. Do I wash my hair and shave?

I did both yesterday. If I groom again, will it look too intentional?

3. Mike seems eager for booze. What’s the etiquette?

Does that mean he’ll buy the first round? Then again, he linked to me today and quintupled my traffic. So maybe I should offer? Either way—I’m drinking lots of water this afternoon.

I googled “how to get ready for a date,” and all I found was that I’m supposed to “ensure that my shoes are sparkling.” That seems less than useful, since I wear hiking boots most of the time. Oh… crap. Back to number 1.

Help! Advice!