Happy Leather Anniversary. You Heard Me. LEATHER.

Today is Working Mom & Doodaddy’s third wedding anniversary. Our leather anniversary, it turns out.

assless chaps

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    Which one says &#8220;I love you&#8221; more?

Maybe it’s just because we live in San Francisco, but the first thing that comes to mind is assless leather chaps on a big ‘ombre in the Castro.

I’m apparently supposed to be getting WM a dozen red leather roses, or else that pillow that I just can’t look at without laughing. Can you imagine? Yeah, I’ll put that on the bed and look seductive. Wink, wink.

Well, to heck with that… I got her an iPhone instead, even though it’s not leather, and she’s happy with it.

They need to update the anniversary table, anyway. Here are some suggestions for a more modern set of anniversaries:

  • First: The TV Remote Anniversary — it’s real love if you each get one!
  • Second: The Power Tool Anniversary — it’s early in the marriage, still a good time to be aspirational about do-it-yourself projects.
  • Third: The Hybrid Anniversary — as long as you’re getting a station wagon for those new car seats, why not get something that produces less greenhouse gas?
  • Fourth: The Daycare Anniversary — screw presents. Just save the cash for the sitter.
  • Fifth: The Major Appliance Anniversary — those warranties you got are expiring this year; better look into a new washer.
  • Tenth: The Laptop Anniversary — the kids know how to play Dora on the household computer, time to get your own to take out to the garage.

Any other ideas?