Stay-at-Home Dads Gone Wild: My Big Night Out

Getting kicked out of the house might be the best thing that ever happened to me.

Working Mom and I are trying a new scheme, where I go out a couple of nights a week so that she can have some alone time with the baby. Sacrificing himself to help me out on my first night out was none other than Mike of Cry it Out, The Poop, and Strollerderby fame.

Mike lives in one of those neighborhoods that really feels like San Francisco: there was even a tour bus driving through when I got there, camcorders out and everything. (I, on the other hand, live in a place that feels like a freeway.)

And yes, as you guessed from the title, we celebrated our night out with adult beverages, so this post will probably be a little soft around the edges.

Mike introduced me to this fantastic local cuisine emporium that also has a bar and turns into a nightclub on the weekends. It’s an odd coincidence that dance spots are basically baby-safe: you don’t want sharp corners or hidden drop-offs in a nightclub, so they’re perfect (when lit) for babies. Yep, my first thought on walking in was what a cool place it would be to bring Boobaby, and that set the tone for the whole night: on our big man date, our stay-at-home-dads’-night-out, we mostly talked about… the kids.

In all fairness, we tried to come up with manly stuff to talk about. Sports came up, but Mike likes women’s softball and my sporting interest begins and ends with Olympic novelty sports like trampoline. Cars? I know they go when you step on the thingy. The iPhone? Well, OK, I’ll admit, we did talk about that for a while. But only because I’m getting one for Working Mom on our anniversary.

Manly topics quickly exhausted, it was all family, hearth, and home for the remainder of the night. Being a Stay-at-Home Dad came up a lot: Mike’s the first other guy I’ve met who’s “in it” for the same reason as me: we consciously chose parenting as a career because we love it and we’re pretty good at it. And we both feel utterly, utterly lucky.

So there was no lack of topics for conversation, which stands to reason, I suppose. Once, when Mike was off for a minute, the chatty bartender asked me how we knew each other. I didn’t feel like giving all the details (“Well, I read his blog and then he read mine and then we met up at a park on dads’ day…”) so I simplified it for him:

“We’re coworkers.”

That seems close enough!