My Wife is Kicking Me Out*

Well, not permanently. In an effort to give Working Mom more quality time with Boobaby, we decided that I should leave the house a couple of evenings a week after she gets home from work. Most nights she takes over largely anyway, leaving me to make dinner or straighten up the house. The thing is, when I’m home she tends to say a lot,

“Could you watch her for a minute?”

I love watching Boobaby, but I feel the most fully a “parent” when I have no recourse to an extra pair of hands. I already do volunteer work on Friday nights so Working Mom gets a little of that experience. Now I’m just going to step out a night or two more per week.

Now the question is… where do I go?

*Sorry about the title, but I read where blog entry titles are supposed to be shocking.**
**I also read where you’re not supposed to have footnotes. Crap.