You Callin’ Me “Mr. Mom”? Bite Me.

In my everyday experience here in San Francisco, no one thinks that there’s anything particularly strange about being a stay-at-home father. People will rush to invite me out on play dates, but by and large, no one gives me a second look.

Such was not the case on our recent vacation to visit my wife’s parents in Minnesota. Here’s from my new post up over at GNM Parents.

In my 18 months as a full-time stay-at-home dad in San Francisco only one person has called me ‘Mr. Mom’, and that was a lesbian mother who added an ironic nod. Over the course of a week at my in-laws’ in Minnesota, I heard the term nine times.

It also struck me that a family vacation for the stay-at-home parent is very much a working affair. Read the rest of the story over at GNM!