Adventures in Babysitting

We had our first babysitter come yesterday. Yes, the first babysitter — ever.

She’s one of my volunteers at the wildlife hospital, a 19-year old home from college for the summer. I’ve taught her to restrain wild animals, so I figured she’d probably be game enough for Boobaby.

I took SitterOne to the playground to acclimate Boo to the new arrangement. Almost immediately, she let Boo tumble down a step into the sandbox. Now, Boobaby tumbles a lot and thought landing in the sand was great fun. Although my internal panic alarms were going off, I didn’t let anything show. (No, really, Park Buddy even commented on how calm I stayed.) Sitter the First got more attentive after that, though Boo has this way of pretending that she’s an infant tank. It’s very convincing.

After the rocky start, Boo and Sitter Lady (can’t quite decide on her pseudonym) dashed off and tore up the place, leaving me clueless about what to do. I can’t be at a playground and not play, so as a fallback, I sought out other babies to play with. I swung with 20-month old Solid Boy (wearing a NEW! GREEN! HELMET!), played tree-climbing and crash! with Buddy Boy, and made googly eyes with the tummy time babies. Finally, a dad offered (only half in jest) to hire me for daycare. I laid off at that point and hung with Park Buddy.

I got to chat. Chat! With another parent!


It only got cooler. Back at home, with SitterOneLadyTheFirst entertaining and feeding, I was able to clean the toilet, sweep and mop the kitchen, unload and re-load the dishwasher, and do a dozen other little chores. I even went to the market during naptime! And prepped dinner! And took out the garbage cans!

I tell you, Solid Boy’s got nothing on me. He’s got that new bike helmet — I’ve got a NEW! GREEN! BABYSITTER!

You’ve been holding out on me. I had no idea babysitting was this nifty!

Now, then… there’s no downside, is there?