Learn. Regress. Repeat.

Music class started up again today. As usual, I was the only dad there. As usual, everyone was friendly and cooed about Boobaby’s pigtails. When the class ended, the moms broke up into groups of two or three to chat — none of which included me.

Again — as usual.

My heart sank, but I gamely and cheerfully waved and said “Bye-bye” to the socializing grouplets. The only response came from one of the babies.

I was doing so well with this SAHD thing. I got over not being invited on play dates. I made friends. I even started getting along with the Dad’s Group Dads, a little.

After all that progress, you’d think my famously fragile male ego could deal with a couple of minor jolts: a little ostracizing from one dad last week, one more lonely first day at music class today.

But Park Buddy is out of town, and without her I’ve got no one who sees all this nonsense happen and can laugh about it with me.

Will you be my surrogate Park Buddy for the week? Remind me that these new moms will get used to me just like all the rest? And tell me a joke and get me a coffee while we’re waiting?

Thanks in advance…